Selected list of Basses:

1970 Fender Precision Bass: For that good ol’ Jamerson/R&B sound, with LaBella flats/mute.
1977 Fender Jazz Bass: The de facto standard of electric bass!
1965 Gibson EB-3: Psychedelic rock to groovy 60s pop.
1957 Kay upright: When you need that upright sound, nothing will do but an upright!
1970s Kramer Fretless(aluminum neck): Yes, I love Jaco too!
Tokai Talbo Bass: For something different, strung with Ernie Ball Cobalt flats
Jerry Jones Baritone 6 string bass(tuned octave below guitar): Used mainly with my experimental band psomni
1960s(?) Kay K5920 Speed Demon Electric Bass Guitar: Funky old-timey sound, with flats
1970s(?) Jolana Kolor bass: Surprisingly solid and earthy tone, with LaBella flats.

Selected list of Amps and cabinets:

Phil Jones Bass Bass Cub BG-100: combo amp of my choice for unparalleled tone!
SWR SM-400 head: great workhorse for live shows.
Gallien Krueger RB800 head: Classic amp for rock gigs.
Eden 4×10 cabinet: great tone!
Custom 1×12 cabinet: for small venues.

Selected list of pedals:

SansAmp Bass Driver: Adds that simulated amp sound and warmth.
Boss Bass overdrive: Yeah, when you need some of that grit and edge!
EBS OctaBass: Yes, I love Pino(I think he uses Boss Octaver though).
Boss TU-3 tuner: De facto tuner
Electro-Harmonix Q-tron and Q-tron+: For that Bootsy-esque sound to Flea-ky groove!
Jim Dunlop Bass Cry Baby: Mainly used with my experimental band psomni