June Kato: Bass

Rock, indie rock, jazz, blues, punk, funk, folk, roots rock, improvisational music, experimental music, and classically inspired music. I play electric and stand up bass.

Some of the musicians I’ve worked with:

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros)
Michael Blue
Peter Finestone (Bad Religion)
Evil Maria (winner, Deli Magazine Artist of the Month, April,  2011)
Evren Goknar (Grammy-winning engineer)
Teri Hitt (Grace Gravity,  Pet Buffalo)
Brad Gordon (Jim Bianco,  Dan Wilson),
James Childs (Airbus,  JinxRemover,  Black on Sunshine,  Avon Desert Rock,  Vic du Monte’s Personal Non Grata)
Rebecca Stout (Bluegrass Hall of Fame Featured Artist)
Black on Sunshine
Shaolin Temple of Boom (winner of Willie Wonka/True Anthem Battle of the Bands 2009
Brian Spain
Jim Whelan (songwriter,  Belinda Carlisle –Mad About You, Under The Sky)
Antoine Arvisu (The Compound Studio, Marc Ford)
Automatic Eden
George Earth (World Entertainment War,  Switchblade Symphony)
Cosmo Jones (Bedrock LA)

Currently I’m busy on my project with Todd Riffel called “slowFade”. I write, produce, play bass and guitar, and do the artwork for the cover of the CD and the web site for the band. We are proud to announce that the legendary Josh Freese agreed to play drums on three of the tracks on our latest EP, “Tonight”!
Check us out at https://slowfadeband.bandcamp.com

I am also very much involved with Grace Gravity,  Under The Sky and Black on Sunshine.With these projects, my main contribution is the bass and the groove, while being part of the creative force of the project. I enjoy being part of a creative team!

I now live in Leimert Park where there is an abundance of hip hop, jazz and R&B can literally be heard all around the neighborhood.

Previously I lived in Nashville, TN, where I attended Belmont College, majoring in Commercial Music. I learned a lot from my bass instructor Roy Vogt. Soon I was busy playing in the school’s recording studio, where I met and worked with a lot of talented people: Brian D. Hardin, John Painter, Fleming McWilliams, Shawn McWilliams, Lisa Stewart, Jeff Kirk, etc. I started getting busy playing with many bands around town: The Commercials, The Boomgates, Brent Little, etc.

Later I formed an experimental psomni with Matt Morris and Newell Anderson from Lovebucket & Slaphappy Superfly, while also performing and recording with Rebecca Stout(Baby Stout, The Shakers), Eric Watkins(molding, Remi Zero), Bob Watkins(The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies), The Sizzle Donkeys(featuring Jeff Coffin & Terry Thomas), Brian Hardin, Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power, Pete Cummings, Zack Wilson, Matt Bach, Laurel Parton, Amanda Williams(Grammy-winning singer songwriter), J.D.Blair(The Wooten Brothers, Shania Twain), Sharon Gilchrist(Peter Rowan Quartet), Patrick Foley(producer, Eloise Lynch, The Untouchables, The Redskins), Laurie Webb, Liam Lynch(Tenacious D), John Wheeler(Hayseed Dixie), to name a few. I was busy also in the studio laying down groove for many country, R&B, and Folk artists.

I toured many places, especially the regional Southeast circuit. But one of the most memorable tours was in Germany in October 2000, with John Brannen for a couple of weeks. We played everywhere in Germany, and along the way made a lot of friends, including the legendary T.M. Stevens!